Legoland Florida Resort: Hotel and Theme Park Review


I have a few favorite hotels that have made our vacations very memorable. I still rave about the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in Banff and the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort in New Mexico. Both hotels won me over with their incredible views, beautiful rooms, and the attractions/amenities the properties had to offer. On our recent trip to Orlando, I added another hotel to the list: Legoland Florida Resort.




When we lived in Phoenix, we would take Riley to Legoland in Carlsbad, California a couple times a year. I’ve mentioned before that I am not the biggest fan of theme parks, but I always found our trips to Legoland to be special. The park was never overly crowded like Disneyland plus we were always close to the beach, so it was a win for everyone. Oh, and I also love Legos! It’s a fun and educational tool that I often use in my homeschool lessons.

This year, winter has been a bit rough on us. We’re thankful for the snow, but the temps have been unusually low and it feels like the sun has been hiding more often. I knew we needed an escape somewhere warm, so I booked cheap flights on Frontier and we headed out to warm, sunny Orlando.



We surprised Riley with a stay at the Legoland Hotel. He said he’s been dreaming about staying there for years so we figured we’d make it happen on our first trip to Orlando. I booked a package that gave us a free 2-day child ticket to the park plus a free second day for 2 adults. After calculating the room cost plus park tickets, there was a slight discount compared to buying everything separately. Our park tickets were emailed in advance so we were able to spend our first day at the park while waiting to check-in at 4 o’clock.


Legoland Florida is very similar to Legoland California. Riley is 8 and was able to ride all of the rides. Since it was midweek in February, the park was not crowded. The longest we waited for a ride was 15 minutes. What really stood out to me was how friendly everyone was! All of the workers from the rides to the restaurants were very nice. I was so impressed with their customer service.


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I don’t have much to say other than we had a really great time! I do wish we were there for another day. Even though we had 2 days in the park, I missed walking through the botanical garden which I regret. We were able to ride every ride, some even twice, but the grounds of the park were so pretty, I wish I had taken more time to walk around and take in the views.


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Legoland Hotel:

Our stay in the hotel was an experience in itself. When we first arrived, Riley was given a mini treasure hunt for our hotel room. He put together clues that gave him a combination to a small safe in our room. In the safe was a Lego toy, Honest Kids juice, and a Lego magazine. After the excitement of his treasure hunt, he made himself at home in his own room. The kid’s room consisted of bunk beds and one trundle bed, as well as a TV. This was obviously more than enough room for our one child, so he loved having that adventure room all to himself.

The free activities for the kids made every night at the hotel a blast. From lego building competitions, master builder workshops and a pajama party, it felt like non-stop fun. We were able to drop Riley off for almost 2 hours while he participated in a master builder workshop. In this workshop, you get to build a Lego set with a group and a master builder. Riley also LOVED the pajama parties. It’s fun and entertaining plus it’s right by the bar, so while parents sit and enjoy a drink, they can still keep an eye on their kids. A win for everyone!


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Lastly, I want to rave about the free breakfast buffet! It was pretty amazing. They had an omelet station plus so many different breakfast items, we always left with full bellies. The amount of food we ate every morning would be equivalent to spending $40-50 at a restaurant. The quality of food plus the great service, it was hard to believe this was all included with the price of our room.




Room for Improvement:

There weren’t many downsides, but I do think they are worth mentioning. The Legoland Florida Resort is building another hotel right in front of their current hotel. We were not aware of this before we arrived so it was a surprise. The construction site killed the view from our window, and whenever I had to drive to the lobby, I found myself stuck behind constructions crews. Definitely not a big deal, but I think the hotel should let guests know beforehand.

Lastly, we never received turndown service in our room. One of the biggest reasons why I prefer hotels over Airbnb’s is because I like the additional service a hotel will provide, such as making the beds and providing extra shampoos. We had called the front desk to ask if they provide a turndown service and they said “yes, did they not service your room? We’ll notify housekeeping.” And no one showed up. That was a bummer, so next time, I’ll be sure to call before leaving in the morning to make sure we don’t get skipped.

Overall, a really great stay! We had so much fun and Riley still won’t stop talking about it. I definitely think we’ll be back when the new hotel opens. I did my best make video out of everything I had on my phone so check it out (but turn the volume down because my amateur video editing skills made it too loud!)


12 comments on “Legoland Florida Resort: Hotel and Theme Park Review”

    1. I’ve read that Legoland is directed towards kids 2-12 so it would be perfect for your niece! I always tell my friends with toddlers to do Legoland before Disney because they can ride more rides, lines are short (less tantrums while waiting), and it’s cheaper! You should definitely take her!


  1. I’m glad Riley’s dream came true. I haven’t been but my sisters in law went last year and stayed at the Legoland Hotel too and they rave about the cool elevators that has awesome music. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s awesome! I think staying at the hotel makes the overall experience more fun. And we loved the elevators. All the adults would joke about how we would dance inside when we’d be in there alone lol!


  2. How fun! I live in San Diego, so my grandkids have passes to Legoland in Carlsbad. They have thousands of Legos at home, too! It’s good to know about this hotel, in case we venture to Legoland in Florida.

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    1. I think the only adults there were parents and grandparents. Unlike Disney, Legoland is directed towards younger kids so there didn’t seem to be any adults there without kids. That may be why it’s not as crowded!


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