Feeling Good on the Inside and Looking Good on the Outside: How 2 Products Changed My Health Habits

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September started with a feeling of optimism and determination to get my life back on track. If you didn’t read my previous post, I ultimately was tired of the bad habits I had accumulated over the past couple of years. I was tired of my addiction to social media, I was tired of my anxiety, overall… I was tired. And I just wanted to feel like the best version of myself. So I read an inspiring book and psyched myself up like a hopeful person on the eve of a new year. As September began, I was hit with the reality that life is full of chaos. I reminded myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day and change is a process, so I held on to what I could control and let the rest fall into place.


During the first week of my September challenge, my 8-year-old caught strep throat and as the days pass while he recovered, I happened to catch a sickness of my own. A horrible head cold that hit me in waves forced me to pause the daily workout schedule I created and moved me onto the couch with a box of tissues and several binge sessions of Jane the Virgin on Netflix. As I yearned to get back into a routine and focus on my new healthy habits, I had to prepare for two back to back trips to 3 different states. The feeling of exhaustion crept back, but luckily I had discovered two new products that had helped me stay somewhat on track.


Healthish Water Bottles

When I lived in the hot desert of Arizona, I was a pro at staying hydrated. I kept a water bottle with me throughout the day and made sure I chugged and refilled it often. During this time, I was in the best shape of my life and it was obvious that drinking water made me feel and look good. Fast forward a few years, my habits have changed along with my body. I currently live in a dry climate at high altitude and I often find myself dehydrated. Unless I’m out hiking, the thought of water sounds bland so I often chug cans of sparkling water or make myself tea. Last month, all of that changed when I found Healthish water bottles.


Healthish makes these beautiful water bottles that have a time indicator that on the side that reminds you to drink water every hour. You fill the bottle in the morning then refill it in the afternoon giving you the 2 liters you need for the day! In addition to the time prompts that keep you on track, the bottle itself is really beautiful. It is a lightweight, BPA free plastic with a slim design and a gold plated stainless steel cap. I carry my backpack with me everyday (easier to hold my laptop and I’m a homeschool mom) and several people have noticed my water bottle on the outside pocket. I’ve had many comments saying, “Wow, your water bottle is so pretty.” And I’ll excitedly bust it out and say, “It also has time prompts on the side to remind you to drink water! It’s from Healthish, look it up online!” I never thought I’d end up being a water bottle salesman.

My increase in water intake has reminded me of how healthy I used to be. I am running to the bathroom more throughout the day, but the effects on my body are obvious. My skin looks amazing, sometimes I look at myself and think I am actually glowing (lol). My stomach also looks flat and despite my head cold, I feel really good overall. It makes me realize that we often fall into many health fads… I mean screw the kombucha and awful juice cleanses, water does wonder to the body and I’m so glad I found something to encourage me to drink it!

Goli Gummies

Speaking of health fads, I had heard about the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar, but that sounded way too disgusting to even try. My husband, who was previously a health nut, used to drink it every day and thought it tasted fine, but I never had the guts to try it and figured it was probably just a fad with psychosomatic results.

When Goli reached out to me, I was very skeptical. I asked for a ton of information prior to agreeing to a collaboration then I asked for a few weeks to try it even though they typically want reviews/social media posts 3 days after receiving the package. Three days was not enough time to see and feel a difference, so I took 4 weeks and by the time I posted my review on Instagram, I had already ordered my second bottle. These gummies are legit!


First of all, they taste pretty phenomenal. I had to hide these from my 8-year-old because every time he saw the bottle, he’d ask for gummies! I started snacking on these throughout the day (you’re allowed up to 12/day) especially when I found myself wanting to grab an unhealthy snack. Eventually, these curbed my appetite and I was no longer grabbing a cookie in the middle of the day. And remember when I said I felt like I was glowing? In addition to my increase in water intake, I think these gummies also made my skin look better.

1 gummy= 1 shot of apple cider vinegar. It’s honestly a no-brainer. Eat a delicious gummy and reap all the benefits, or take nasty shots of vinegar and reap the same benefits. If you want to give it a try, use this link thevaliantlife5, the get a discount with my promo code “thevaliantlife5”.

It sounds silly, but these 2 products have really made a difference in the past month. It felt like serendipity that when I decided to make changes to my habits and prioritize my physical and mental health, these 2 products fell into my lap at the same time. The ability to feel good on the inside and look good on the outside has made me feel better about myself already. And once I get over this cold, I’m getting back into my workout routine and I am SO excited to see my results combined with these 2 products. The goal is to lose at least 10 pounds by November. Do you think I can do it? If you have any questions, leave them below!


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