Farewell to Summer: A week in Cape Cod

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When my husband, Clayton, was asked to spend a week in Cape Cod for work, I was incredibly jealous. Cape Cod had been on my travel list for years, but for some reason, I never prioritized it. As Clayton booked his flight to Boston for the following week, $600 roundtrip on Southwest, the realization that we couldn’t tag along crept in. That evening, I looked at every travel site but could not find a deal.

Luckily, I don’t give up easily and I always tell people to be persistent when looking for cheap flights. The following night, I sat on my bed and continued to search. Call it serendipity, but an ad popped up on my phone, “90% off flights with Frontier.” I researched the airports included in the deal and Providence, Rhode Island was on the list. One way to Providence from Denver was $35. On the way back it was $50. I booked two roundtrip tickets for $175. Compared to Clayton’s flight, I literally saved over $1000!

This little guy loves plane rides!

The drive from Providence to Cape Cod is about one hour which is about the same distance from Boston to the Cape. The airport is much smaller but regardless of the size, it’s a great alternative to get yourself to Massachusetts.

We stayed in two different beach houses provided to us by Clayton’s company. The first one was in Hyannis and the second in Eastham. Although I love hotels, I learned that renting a beach house is a must. While the entire Cape is bustling with tourists walking in and out of hotels, the privacy of renting your own home is incomparable.

Just steps away from the front door of the beach house

The first house we stayed in was right on the beach literally steps away from the water. The living room had a giant window looking out onto the Atlantic Ocean. Imagine sitting by the window with a cup of coffee while watching the ferries make their way to Martha’s Vineyard. It was beautiful and so relaxing. And the best part of it all? The hot tub! I started every morning and ended every evening sitting in the hot tub while listening to the waves of the ocean.

I didn’t think the first house could be topped, but the second house we were provided was incredible! It was bright and spacious with a large deck that faced the water. I couldn’t believe how beautiful and comfortable this house was. I could have stayed there forever.

The gorgeous and giant deck from our second beach house


Cape Cod often put me in a conundrum. The introvert and tired mother in me wanted to curl up with a book or take a nap on the deck,  but there was so much to see and so much food that I needed to try.  Some days it felt like a struggle to get myself out of the beautiful beach houses, but I did my best to squeeze in restaurants and sightseeing into one week.


Spanky’s Clam Shack

First on my list was some New England “chowdah” and fried calamari. We pulled up to Spanky’s and found a full patio filled with happy diners. We had to sit inside since every table outside was taken, but the big windows gave us a beautiful view of the dock while we dined. Overall, the food was good, the service was friendly, and we left happy!


Misaki Sushi

Riley requested sushi on our first night for dinner and I happily agreed since we were on the coast. We headed over to Misaki since they had stellar online reviews, and they did not disappoint! Not only was the food amazing, but the service was also fantastic. The tempura ice cream was a perfect dessert!


Captain Parker’s Pub

After we visited the pirate museum, Riley and I headed next door to Captain Parker’s Pub. By this time, I had overdone it with fried seafood so I was looking for a healthier option and Captain Parker’s diverse menu had exactly what I needed. I opted for the grilled salmon with veggies, but I was also very tempted by their vegetarian items.

Penguin’s Ice Cream

Riley and I stumbled upon this place after doing a quick google search for ice cream. The reviews were very positive and when we arrived, I was overwhelmed by the selection. Everything sounded so good! We opted for the Italian ice with soft serve and played with their hula hoops and chalk at the tables outside. I really wish we had one of these in Colorado!

Lobster Pot

Lobster Pot in Provincetown was the most recommended restaurant whenever we asked locals. When we arrived, it was very crowded and were told that we had to wait about an hour. Although I was hungry, I was excited by the crowd. This must mean the place is good, right?! I then found out that this restaurant was featured in an episode of “Parts Unknown” and that it had to be special since Anthony Bourdain himself was from P-Town. As expected, Lobster Pot was delicious.



Whydah Pirate Museum

As I looked through brochures on things to do around Cape Cod, the Whydah Pirate Museum caught my attention. Riley is obsessed with pirates so I thought this would be fun and educational. Turns out, not only did Riley love it, but I loved it too! I was blown away by the actual pirate artifacts, and I learned so much about pirates that I walked out of there thinking maybe I was a pirate in another life. (Yes, women could be pirates!! Did you know that?!)


Pilgrim Monument

The Pilgrim Monument is a beautiful 252 foot that can be seen throughout Provincetown. This monument commemorates the Pilgrims landing in Provincetown before heading to Plymouth. Did you know that the Mayflower Compact was signed in Provincetown? I love learning about our country’s history so the fact that the very beginning of the United States started in this tiny coastal town blows my mind!


Race Point Lighthouse

On our very last day, I spent too much time napping on the deck and Clayton was busy with work that we didn’t make enough time to see a few places. One spot was Race Point Lighthouse which was featured in several brochures as a “must see”. I grew up on the West Coast and have seen a few lighthouses from afar, but something about the lighthouses on Cape Cod felt so iconic and special. By the time we arrived, the sun was setting and the wind was uncomfortably cold that we ended up running around the beach and soaking up our last sunset. I realized that I needed a redo in Provincetown.


A week at Cape Cod was not enough time. I was definitely caught between wanting to sightsee and wanting to relax. I now understand why people spend an entire summer here! Although I feel like I missed out, there is a beautiful silver lining… I have a reason to go back. Maybe spending the summer at the Cape will be a new family tradition?

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