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Flying Cheap on Frontier Airlines: How to Save Money and Your Sanity!

“How do you find cheap airline tickets?” The most common question I receive from friends, family, and my followers. And even after I answer the question a million times and write several blog posts on how I score deals, people still think I have this unique talent or a top secret website that helps me

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Farewell to Summer: A week in Cape Cod

When my husband, Clayton, was asked to spend a week in Cape Cod for work, I was incredibly jealous. Cape Cod had been on my travel list for years, but for some reason, I never prioritized it. As Clayton booked his flight to Boston for the following week, $600 roundtrip on Southwest, the realization that

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Visiting Cuba: tickets, medical insurance, and visas.

As an American, Cuba has always been a fascinating place, a forbidden land of mystery. When the travel ban was lifted, our curiosity got the best of us, so we decided on Cuba for our first international trip as a family. Prior to our trip, I googled information, read several blogs on tourism in Cuba,

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