Glamping in Rome with GoOutside Italy


If you read my previous post on Rome, you’ll know that it wasn’t my favorite city. I’ve come to terms with the fact that it was simply a clash in cultures… not necessarily a clash between an American with Italians, but a clash between my personality and a bustling city. Thankfully, on the outskirts of Rome lies a saving grace for those of us who need space.

Away from the crowds of tourists who fill every inch of the ancient city, a quiet and peaceful retreat awaited me nearby. I was desperate for a reset from overstimulation and glamping in Rome literally saved my vacation.


Our luxury tent!


GoOutside Italy covers five Italian destinations and offers 3 glamping setups: 2 types of luxury tents and Airstreams. I had initially stumbled upon their services on Airbnb while looking for accommodations in Rome. The prices were significantly cheaper than any hotel or Airbnb in the city, and after checking the website, it looked much nicer than the other places I had considered.

Prior to arriving, I was incredibly impressed with the customer service of GoOutside. They were very quick to answer all of my questions about the facilities and location. Even while we were in Italy going back and forth about how many days we’d stay in Rome, GoOutside contacted the campground to extend my stay when I couldn’t make the changes via Airbnb. After many frustrations I felt while we were in Rome, Go Outside was a breath of fresh air. Knowing that a company was there to help my vacation go smoothly was incredibly comforting.


A list of stops for the Urban Train


I was nervous and excited about leaving the center of Rome to find Village Flaminio Bungalow Park. When I looked at the location on Google maps, it looked a bit far, but luckily, Google provided detailed instructions on which trains and buses to ride. From the Vatican, we hopped on a train at the Flaminio station, hopped off and walked to the “urban” train station. Before we knew it, we were right where we needed to be. Turns out, you can take a bus directly to the center of Rome or you can take the trains. Either way, public transportation was extremely easy to navigate and if I could do it over again, I would have stayed at the campground the entire time we were there!

We stayed in a CoCo Sweet luxury tent and I was so impressed with the entire place. First of all, the facilities were incredible. The bathrooms were large and very clean, and the showers were strong and hot. There is also a restaurant and a pool that is available during the summer. When I walked into the tent, I couldn’t believe how nice it was. There was a kitchen stocked with all the essential items, 1 bedroom with a queen bed and another bedroom with 2 twins. Each room was provided with pillows, blankets, and towels. I couldn’t believe this was considered camping, this was nicer than some hotels in the US.


Check out the short video I made of the tent. It’s a simple compilation of my Instagram stories:


In addition to comfort, it was so quiet. The entire trip was becoming overwhelming and I had come down with a nasty cold by the time we checked in. As I sat on our patio, listening to the wind blow through the trees, I realized that I was finally relaxed. This finally felt like a vacation! I highly recommend booking with GoOutside. If I ever find myself in Italy again, this will definitely be my first choice when looking for a place to stay.




3 comments on “Glamping in Rome with GoOutside Italy”

  1. I wish we had this here. What a nice way to enjoy the outdoors luxuriously. Maybe next time we visit Italy, we’d try this kind of adventure.


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