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Airbnb/VRBO Etiquette: 5 Things Awesome Guests Take Into Consideration (From a Host’s Perspective)

I have always felt that until you work in the service industry, you will never have full compassion and empathy for those who serve you while you are on vacation. When I decided to join my husband in the world of hospitality, it was a very exciting leap for me. Over the years, I watched him

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Glamping in Rome with GoOutside Italy

If you read my previous post on Rome, you’ll know that it wasn’t my favorite city. I’ve come to terms with the fact that it was simply a clash in cultures… not necessarily a clash between an American with Italians, but a clash between my personality and a bustling city. Thankfully, on the outskirts of

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Don’t get stranded in Cuba! 8 tips for Americans to help your Cuban vacation go smoothly.

There are a few obstacles for Americans when visiting Cuba. Once you arrive and plant your feet on Cuban soil, you’ll realize foreigners from other countries are having a different experience from you. Not to worry! It’s like a special club where you’ll bond with the few Americans you run into and laugh about the

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