Camping and Hiking near Montezuma, Colorado

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The beauty about living in the middle of the Rocky Mountains is having the ability to hide out, in the quiet of the forest, and feel like you’re miles away from everything. The fact that we can do this is great for weekends when we want to camp out and hike, yet not travel too far from home.  There are several spots around the busyness of Summit County where one can plan their quick escape.

One of our favorite places to hide out is near the small town of Montezuma, just outside of Keystone Resort. These trails and dispersed campsites are no secret, but they tend to be quieter than most areas inside of the county.

Summertime is the best season to explore as it is more accessible by car and foot, and there will be more trails to choose from. My advice is to start with the Peru Creek Trail. This trail, more of a dirt road for cars and ATVs, is the gateway to dispersed campsites and hiking along the road. With a little exploration, you’ll find several trails in the area that are perfect for any level.

Click these links for more information:

Peru Creek Trail

While exploring Peru Creek, came across this gravestone


Deer Creek Trail

Snowshoeing through Deer Creek Trail. Jack wanted to be carried on the way back!


Lenawee Trail

Exploring behind our campsite before heading out to hike in the morning

As always, be safe, prepared and leave no trace. Have fun!



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