History Tours and Museums in Golden, Colorado


Last weekend I was given to opportunity to tour the beautiful town of Golden, Colorado in partnership with Visit Golden. I always saw this little town as a place to stop for lunch on my way back to the mountains, so I was excited to spend a night here and actually take the time to see it from a tourist’s perspective.

To give a quick recap, I had an amazing time! I brought my mom who was visiting from California along with my son, Riley, who had a long list of museums he wanted to visit. By our first day, we realized we didn’t have enough time to do everything we wanted.

Our first stop was at the Colorado Railroad Museum which was Riley’s first pick on the list. This 15 acre rail yard has over 100 locomotives, cars, and cabooses to look at and even climb inside. There is also a train ride for an additional fee. Overall, Riley had the best time and I had the hardest time convincing him that it was time to go. This is a must see for train lovers!

If you’re planning a trip to Golden in November or December, the Colorado Railroad Museum is currently selling tickets for The Polar Express. Check them out here.

Our second stop was our walking tour with Golden History Tours. This tour led by a historian dressed as a cowboy took us around the streets of Golden sharing stories of the beginnings of the gold rush and how the town of Golden came to be. Not only was it informative, but also entertaining. Riley enjoyed the stories and our tour guide, Chris, was very engaging. I was surprised by how much my 10 year old loved this, he couldn’t stop telling my husband about it when we got home! A big plus for us homeschoolers, you can count these tours and museums as part of your mandated education hours.

Golden History Tours also has ghost tours in October and Wild West Pub Crawls in addition to the traditional history tour. Book your tour here.

Since we didn’t hit everything on our list during this weekend, we’re planning to return in November to see the rest of the museums. Click here for the list of museums and attractions in Golden to plan your own trip!

I highly recommend checking out Golden and remember, bring a mask! A big thanks to Visit Golden for sponsoring this weekend and showing us that Golden Rules!

19 comments on “History Tours and Museums in Golden, Colorado”

    1. You must add Colorado to your list for your next trip! It’s beautiful here and has a very interesting history. That road trip sounds amazing too! I’ve only driven little parts of Route 66 but would love to see more.


  1. This sounds like a fantastic place to visit and loads of fun and interesting things to do too! The walking tour sounds so informative and my kids would love the railroad museum too!

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    1. I really wanted to do the ghost tour but it was all sold out!! During our tour, I kept asking “so is this place haunted?” haha and he was happy to answer my questions! Lots of fun overall!


    1. You should definitely add it to your list! We have a ton of train museums and train rides here in Colorado. It’s a very interesting history here! Your son would definitely love it.


  2. I love visiting museums and I would definitely have loved this day out! The railroad museum looks like a lot of fun and my kids would love it too.

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